Why Insure With Us?

How many carriers does your agent provide to you  in order to give you the most competitive price?  Most competing insurance agencies are restricted to offering one or two carriers.  We represent a multitude of companies because we believe you deserve the most competitive policy.

Is your agent always available in the office during business hours?  Even during lunch?


Does your agent return your phone calls promptly? 


If you have a problem with your policy, is your agent available and willing to resolve your issues in a satisfactory manner?


If you are looking for a competitive quote and it’s important to you that there is someone local you can talk to when you have questions or concerns- talk to us!  Besides providing the best service humanly possible, you will be greeted with friendly smiles and a great cup of coffee.

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Insurance News

In California, Health coverage will go up and average of 4% next year. In other states it will be as much as 10 to 40%. California is one of the few states that actively negotiates the price of health insurance according to state officials. More than 1.3 million people have coverage in California through the insurance exchange known as Covered California.

The Ban on Zip-Code Based Auto Insurance. George Joseph: By the time Joseph turned eighty-four in 2006, California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi had at long last finalized rules to end auto insurance rates based on motorists’ zip codes. It was the last unfulfilled promise of the 1988 insurance reform initiative. Click here for more on Story

Only 10 percent of California's 7 million plus homeowners have earthquake insurance.=